ice creams made by louise ricotta with figs


Serving: 10.30am to 3.30pm Tuesday to Saturday plus some Sundays when we have live music.

Louise is both the winemaker and the chef. All the food is cooked on site using local ingredients as much as possible. We have a good vege garden so salads and dishes are often designed about what it ready to eat from the garden.

If there is just a couple of you it is generally fine just to turn up but if a group it really helps if you can phone and book. We don’t carry huge stocks of meals and we bake our own bread in small batches; it is busy one day and quiet the next so we need to bake more if we have larger numbers expected.

The Menu

Our food is mostly dairy and gluten free, without looking any different to ‘normal’ food. Other than the lasagna, we have got gluten and dairy free cooking down to a fine art. Some meals are accompanied by bread but we do home bake gluten bread as well.

I’m sorry but we do not do deep fried food and the menu is not geared to children. We are happy to to half serves of lasagna and we can make a simple ‘toasty’ if need be.

We can’t guarantee to have all the dishes on the sample menu as we do vary things from month to month (eg. It might be lamb, beef or venison curry). Ice cream flavours change according to Louise’s mood and creativity on the day. The dishes also vary according to the season, Gumbo in winter may have leeks, Jerusalem artichokes and sweet potato and at other times maybe peas, capsicums and eggplant.

Of course you can have wine with your food but we are also licensed for beer. We do also make great espresso using locally roasted beans.

Click here to view our sample menu.