Queensland Wine Awards 2014

The 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon was entered in the Museum Class but showed it’s perfect bottle maturation by taking the Champion Mainstream Red Wine Trophy. It is particularly rewarding to see the first wine that Louise made on her own achieve Gold in its youth and in its maturity.
The 2008 Gordon and the 2009 Chardonnay also were awarded Silver medals, a good result.

Cairns Wine Awards 2014

We did the double.. again: Best Queensland Red Wine for the Ringtail and Best Queensland White Wine for the 2009 Estate Chardonnay. This is the second year running that the Ringtail has taken this award but for the Chardonnay it confirms that the wine has great longevity and has developed beautifully in the bottle. It is the second Gold and third Trophy for the 2009 Chardonnay.

Gift Shop Updated

We now have all the gifts we sourced a couple of months ago so there is now an interesting selection. We chose to buy things that ‘live’ at Lucas Estate so we have mugs, soft toys and various gifts featuring dogs, pussycats, koalas, ducks, chooks and cockatoos. We did also choose glassware and pottery just because it was beautiful and well-priced.
Louise has released a greater selection of preserves, including some ‘cleanskins’ to clear the stocks ahead of the fast approaching fruit season.


Louise has now been on Facebook seriously for about 6 months so please come and ‘like’ the site and become a friend. Facebook it used to let you know of any offers, show results, vineyard and winery ‘goings on’ and general information of what is happening on the estate.

Annual Leave

Closing from mid-May to the long weekend in June was the practical (economically) thing to do while Louise was away so the same thing will happen in 2015 to allow the Samuel family to get back together. Hopefully Louise’s parents stay well and this continues as an annual plan. Watch Facebook and this website for updates of exact dates.

The Ringtail is Performing Well

Our current red blend, the Ringtail has matured to a pretty smart wine and is receiving awards reflecting this.

At the Cairns Wine Awards in June it was given a Silver Medal and the Trophy for ‘Best Queensland Red. To reaffirm this judgement it has now received another Silver Medal at the recent, prestigious, Queensland Wine Awards.

Our birthday

10 years is a good time to update things so….. we have some price changes, different specials and a new vintage of Fresco (sweet red) to release. It seems apt to give our customers chance to celebrate with us so read on:

Take home a little of our history

I have 10 back vintage wines to be claimed; for every person/couple (basically one per family) that comes to the cellar door before the 29th September, or until the wine is gone; just quote the line “10 years and 10 vintages” when making a purchase (I will accept the claim while tasting but the purchase must proceed to take the wine). The wines will be selected on a basis of first here first choice. Employees are not eligible for this offer.

The 10 wines you can choose from are:

2004 Gordon Shiraz

2004 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon x 2

2005 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon x 2

2005 Estate Chardonnay x 2

2005 Harry’s Block Shiraz

2005 Estate Merlot x 2

The New Fresco

The 2012 was a short run and it wasn’t entirely planned to be spritzy but both we and the customers really liked the style. This year we have added a bit of spritz on purpose and produced a very approachable, fun wine. Sweet wines are often sold very cheaply but the process we use is quite costly regarding both time and consumables. The new Fresco will be $18 for a single bottle but, as always, there is a smart option if you by 3 bringing the cost down to $15 a bottle. We will now have the quantity to offer the wine as a cleanskin (saving me labels, labelling wages and you money) at 6 bottles for $66 and a dozen for $120.

New Cleanskin

We finished bottling this week and, while sorting out the winery before we tuck it away until the 2014 vintage, I found one bin of Liqueur Verdelho that I didn’t know I had (you may have had an email saying it was Mistella – I was wrong!). Any way you can now buy Liqueur Verdelho as a cleanskin to get it moving through.

Also you can buy the Mistella at 6 for 54 or a dozen for $96 as I have already bottled the next release. The Mistella is a fortified chardonnay juice and is sweeter and lower alcohol than the standard liqueur. It can be drunk as a desert style wine, with cheese or with ice and a touch of soda as a refreshing pre dinner drink.

Freight will have to be paid in full for mail orders as the profit margin is so low.

New family members

Last week Ada and Beatrice arrived as their mum has to have some major surgery and is unable to care for them. They are beautiful chookies and have settled in well with all the other feathered family members. Also, my good friend went away for 3 weeks and left me his kitten to take care of.. well that was a mistake. Butternut Pumpkin is so comfortable here that he requested to stay (his dad has visiting rights) and that wish has been granted. Those of you that visited our cellar door in the last month will have met this very cute ginger kitten. Oliver and Pippa are dealing with the new arrival, the latter has her nose a bit out of joint but, so long as junior accepts the pecking order, all is well.

A personal note:

I am very proud to be here for our 10th Anniversary and am happy with all the improvements, both structurally and product wise, that have taken place over the years. We have had some fun events, hosted some wonderful musicians, made some great wines and certainly made an impact in Wine Shows. I must say that I can’t take all the credit; for the first 5 years this business developed because of a wonderful partnership, both business and personal, and Colin Sellers must be credited with our early wine successes. He gave me a great grounding in winemaking and I am always sad that it took his death to give me the opportunity to achieve so much in wine as an individual. So, when you next have a glass of wine, please have a toast for the partnership that set up the framework for Lucas Estate’s successes.

Louise.. the winemaker and general chief cook and bottle washer

Granite Belt Blues NYD 2014
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Now an established event at Lucas Estate this is one not to be missed. We have a lot of return customers so booking is advised.

Three bands keep the music going from 11am to 5pm, sometimes ‘jamming’ together but always entertaining. Slidewinder, Stolen Mojo and Beviaqua will be back again.

For more details go to our Granite Belt Blues page.

Elevated Taste at Lucas Estate

Lucas Estate decided to not only show off the local produce and wine over the 'Elevated Taste' weekend but also some local talent…. musical and sporting. On Sunday the day started showcasing indoor (carpet) bowls then continued on from midday with the musical talent, 'Tre Amici'.

The day was one of those that makes all the effort worthwhile: customers complementing the food and wine, taking photos of the musicians and singing along and generally having a great time.

As the music drew to a close a group of international students called in for a game of bowls, and it was perfect timing as the local bowlers were ready to work off a bit of the pasta they'd had for lunch. It was a real 'feel good' feeling to see young people interacting with some of our slightly older citizens and great to see the respect they had for the latter group, not least for Angelo Valiante who's wisdom cannot be questioned…. he is the St Joseph Clubs oldest member at 96!

At 5pm we sadly had to close down and send people home but, despite a lot of hard work, everyone at Lucas Estate was on a high… the end of a day where everything had come together so well.

Photos top to bottom:
The young and the old… with 96 year old Angelo Valiante
Happy visitors from Brisbane take photos of their 'Elevated Taste'
The local bowlers enjoy the music
Tre Amici became Cinque Amici to sing 'Deliah'
Locals Mary Clarke and Margaret Taylor practised their Italian singing while enjoying the food and wine

Celebration! New England Wine Show

Lucas Estate had a really successful show down in NSW, the New England Wine Show. We came away with 5 Bronze, 2 Silver, 3 Gold and 2 Trophies, including the Champion Wine of the Show. The Champion wine was the 2009 Estate Chardonnay with the other 2 Golds were won by the 2008 Gordon Shiraz and the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon.

It's good to know that the 2005 wines are holding up so well as I am about to put together a special dozen for Christmas...look out for details soon!

Launch of Sparkling Wines and Opening of New Cellar DoorLouise Samuel

It was party time at Lucas Estate on Thursday, July 27 2010 when over 70 guests celebrated the opening of the new Cellar Door and the launch of the Estate’s first Sparkling Wines. The guests were able to sample both the drier Sparkling Chardonnay and the slightly sweeter Sparkling Rosé. Both wines were very well received with the Rosé just taking the edge in popularity.

The owner and wine maker at Lucas Estate, Louise Samuel (pictured at right), gave a short speech to thank all those who helped with the production of the sparkling wines and also to explain the milestone of the completion of the new Cellar Door. Since their arrival in the Granite Belt in 2003 Louise and her late husband, Colin Sellers, have expanded Lucas Estate’s winery and tourism facilities. They extended the original cellar door (which will now be purely an eating area), built climate controlled wine storage areas and built a state of the art new winery. After losing her husband in 2008 Louise continued on to complete the dream with the building of a private tasting room and art studio and then the conversion of the old winery to the new Cellar Door. The opening marks the completion of the original dream and confirms that Louise will continue to move forward with new initiatives in winemaking and tourism.

Colin’s brothers, Ian and Alan, and sister in law Toni, travelled up from NSW for the opening and the wine launch and to offer their support. Louise took over the wine making from Colin and has been very successful with her wines, including winning the Award for Technical Excellence in Queensland Winemaking and the Dick De Luca Trophy for Best Queensland Shiraz at the last Australian Small Winemakers Show in 2009. The Sellers family are very proud that the winery has continued to epitomise winemaking excellence and Louise is very happy to have them involved with her venture… middle brother Alan is most likely the oldest person to have earnt the title “Junior Winemaker”!

The sparkling wines are available from the cellar door at $27.50 per bottle (special prices apply to multiple bottle buys) and will hopefully be in restaurants in the near future.

Australian Small Winemaker’s Show: Just Stunning

GOLD: 2008 Estate Shiraz
GOLD: 2008 Petit Verdot
The Dick De Luca TROPHY: Queensland’s Best Shiraz
AWARD: Technical Excellence in Queensland Winemaking
BRONZE: 2007 Estate Shiraz
BRONZE: 2008 Merlot

Lucas Estate had already won 10 Gold Medals since 2005, so we consider our wine has a good reputation, but the last three years have been tough times with the lowest point being the loss of Colin to cancer in June 2008.

Louise has since carried on the business, including the wine making, with the aim of maintaining the quality of both the wine and the service to all our customers.

All things considering it didn’t seem realistic to expect much in the way of awards this year. The wines were submitted to the show in order to receive an objective report and hopefully not show up any faults. To win Trophies and Golds was just spectacular and totally stunned Louise. Our team of girls is incredibly proud, as are the token male, Muscat, and Alan - our indispensable itinerant ‘Junior’ Winemaker.

The Petit Verdot is available from the Cellar Door ($32) but the 2008 Shiraz is not yet released. The 2005 Gordon and the 2006 Estate are available for sale.